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Leadz® Content Marketing Portal

Portal solution for lead generation

Leadz® Content Marketing Portal

The Leadz® Content Marketing Portal is a strategic tool that combines the communication of technological expertise with the generation of valuable digital leads.

Leadz® Content Marketing Portal – The central campaign platform

The portal makes sense for all companies that occupy a leading position in the digital marketplace, thus consciously stand out from the competition in their market environment and want to combine this with the generation of valuable digital leads. Even if you want to consolidate your own digital landscape and free yourself from “wild growth” on landing pages and microsites, the Leadz® Content Marketing Portal is the ideal solution in its function as a central cross-technology campaign platform.

Key features

  • Portal solution with flexible content and media database for linking campaign content and media data
  • Use for one or more business areas possible
  • Integrated CMS for easy editorial maintenance
  • Connection to Leadz® Core or other lead management systems possible


  • Communication of Innovation and Expertise Leadership
  • Effective lead generation
  • Strengthening SEO rankings through content marketing
  • Consolidate digital infrastructure
  • Replaces microsites or landing pages
  • Accelerates digital communication



Image campaign meets lead generation


With the Ink Safety Portal, Siegwerk has positioned itself as the leading supplier of printing inks and coatings in the area of sensitive applications (food, hygiene, cosmetics …) while at the same time making use of the information provided for lead generation.

leads in ten months


lead conversion rate

interactions since launch


Do good and talk about it


With the Leadz® Content Marketing Portal, Henkel has managed to position itself at the forefront of digital communication in the market environment, thus credibly underscoring its position as the leading manufacturer of food safe adhesives while at the same time generating valuable customer contacts.

leads in 3 years after launch


lead conversion rate

interactions since launch

Content Marketing Portal “RELOADED”

The lead machine


Why build a new microsite for each new innovation to embed it as a landing page in the rigid structure of a website? How would it be possible to place all important key topics agile and flexible on a portal?

The strategy developed for Henkel combines all topics into a single portal across all business units and provides meaningful interfaces and links.

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