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Use your lead potential.

To help medium-sized companies to generate digital leads faster and more effectively, we have collaborated with the industry to create Leadz Core, an extremely effective, economical and award-winning lead management tool.

Lead management for medium-sized companies

  • DSGVO compliant registration processes
  • Effective lead generation
  • Contact storage and management
  • Automated email workflows
  • Automatic lead profiling, qualifying & routing
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Interfaces to CRM or ERP
  • Top price-performance

Leadz Core.
Lead Management.

Leadz Core offers you a powerful yet lean lead management platform with all the tools and functions that a sales-oriented medium-sized company needs for targeted and economical lead management. Through numerous seamlessly interlocking modules, concepts and services from the Leadz portfolio, you always have the opportunity to expand your digital lead and contact marketing.


Move your lead management forward.

Lead and contact generation.

Transform your website into a lead generation machine.

Leadz Core helps you increase your website’s lead and contact generation rates. Take advantage of our powerful features that have been developed together with medium-sized companies.

With Leadz Core, you can build a digital contact database in no time at all, which you can use for your sales and marketing.

The way to do this is very simple. By integrating a script on your website, your website is linked to Leadz Core. Now use Smart Buttons to ensure that website visitors identify themselves for selected content on your website(s). A central registration process and subsequent access control via login process make access as user-friendly and DSGVO-compliant as possible.

Marketing Automation.

Lead management with a high degree of automation.

Leadz Core manages incoming leads and contacts with a high level of automation and an equally high level of individualisation per lead. This enables effective lead nurturing of your digital contacts.

Lead nurturing & newsletter automation

Use extensive lead nurturing functions. Send individual, personalised and automated emails based on user behaviour, lead status and interests. Ensure that you provide your users with the information they need for your decision-making processes. Import your own html newsletter templates for your workflows. Build your own newsletter templates via drag & drop in conjunction with Leadz Communicator and access your entire newsletter setup. 

Lead profiling

Track the user behaviour of your leads and find out what your target persons are interested in. Leadz Core documents the user behaviour of leads, companies and entire regions and aggregates them into an evaluation adapted to your business model.

Lead qualifying

Create an individual scoring for your content requiring registration in order to automatically qualify incoming leads. This tells you at a glance which lead has which lead status and can be forwarded to sales, for example.

Lead routing

Ensure that qualified leads are automatically forwarded to marketing and/or sales. Leadz automatically assigns your leads to the right contacts and can be configured precisely along your sales structure.

An automated migration of your leads into your existing master data system, such as a CRM, can also be set up without any problems.


Your business – your evaluation.

Use structured, informative and aggregated business evaluations of your leads as well as entire companies and sales regions.

Lead dashboard

Get a quick overview of the key figures of your campaign. View how many and which new leads have been received, which content is most successful, which of your business areas are most in demand and which regions generate the most leads. With the dashboard, you always have an overview of your campaign.

Lead management reportings

Leadz offers you three general reporting perspectives:

Lead reportings:

General overview and detailed evaluations per lead.

Company reportings:

Total overview as well as aggregated evaluation of all leads of a company.

Regional reportings:

General overview as well as aggregated evaluations per region.

Individual and automated reporting

Leadz offers you numerous filter parameters for creating individual evaluations. Individual evaluations can be saved as templates and used for further work steps, e.g. for automated dispatch by e-mail to a defined group of recipients.

Your business – your evaluations

Leadz Core produces individual evaluations based on your business model. Each step of a lead is interpreted by the system and aggregated as a report in a simple and understandable way. This allows you to find out at a glance which business areas, technologies or products a lead, company or entire region is interested in.

Easy integration.

Fast onboarding.

Lead management should not be a complex project that you put off because you lack time and budget. That’s why we have focused on making Leadz extremely easy to use during development. A readiness for use with effective lead generation is achieved with few resources and does not require any time-intensive occupation with the system.

Script and go

Establish a link between Leadz Core and your website infrastructure in no time at all. All you need to do is integrate a Leadz script into your website(s) and create a Leadz Core account.

Data migration

Interfaces can be set up to migrate contacts to your CRM or comparable master data system. Conversely, master data can be migrated to Leadz Core and used there.

DSGVO compliance.

Data security made in Germany.

The DSGVO is also seen in the industry as an antagonist to effective lead management. We see it differently. Benefit from our well thought-out DSGVO-compliant lead registration, storage and processing processes.


Leadz Core breaks new ground in lead generation and turns your website visitors into “members”. Leads are stored in the system via a central DOI registration process in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). Access to content requiring registration is guaranteed via a login. Each user thus receives a kind of “account” on your website, similar to that of an online shop. In this way, all basic requirements are met so that your users are only stored and processed with documented consent. You can also use the DSGVO reporting functions, which provide you with a DSGVO documentation for each saved lead at the touch of a button.

The advantages.


Your benefits.

Quick setup and immediately effective

DSGVO compliant with documentation

High degree of automation, from lead generation to routing

Automated newsletter workflows

Insightful business, lead, company and regional evaluations

Simple integration and interface capability

Creation of a digital contact database for use in marketing and sales

Extensibility with Leadz Communicator for powerful newsletter marketing


Immediately effective.

Leadz Core gives you a lot and asks for little. The system is ready to use in just a few steps and you can get started with effective lead management. But you also have the option of further increasing your lead management potential. Leadz Core also offers the possibility of a step-by-step expansion in order to exploit the potential of your lead management as much as possible.

Quick entry.

Use your downloads & Co.

Leadz Core is perfect for a quick and easy start to lead generation. All you need is a website and content that you can link to a registration. In most cases, your own downloads are suitable for this. A central download area can thus become a lead and contact goldmine.

Expansion possibilities.

Use your expanded potentials.

With Leadz Core and smart concepts, you have the opportunity to gradually expand your lead management infrastructure and thus tap into all the lead potential of your website infrastructure.

Lead generation – we show you your options
Give us a call. We will evaluate together in an initial strategy meeting which lead generation opportunities are available to you.


For medium-sized businesses.

Leadz Core was developed by the marketing consultancy TRD for and with SMEs to offer maximum lead management functionality with a minimum of staff and resources. This makes effective lead management possible even for SMEs working with limited marketing teams and resources. This initial situation was and is a central component in the (further) development of Leadz Core.

TRD was awarded Top 100 Innovator with Leadz 2020.
Leadz Core is the core component of an application and service toolset for online marketing with a focus on sales.

Lead management
use cases.


Successful deployment in the sme sector.

Check our use cases and learn how effectively Leadz Core works for our customers.

Lead Potential Calculator.

Calculate your turnover potential in 3 steps.


Innovative pricing system for your application.

Leadz Core offers you an innovative and fair cost structure that allows you to keep your monthly lead management software fees low. This gives you the opportunity to invest more in your campaigns, i.e. in effective lead generation. You always have the option to switch between the possible tariffs, so you are not tied to one tariff in the long term.


This is what you get.

  • 5 instances per account
  • Full range of functions Leadz Core
  • Up to 3000 newsletters for campaign automation included



  • DSGVO compliant lead management
  • DOI registration processes
  • Password protected access to Lead Mgmt. Contents
  • Smart button controlled access to website content
  • Automatic profiling of leads
  • Automatic qualification of leads
  • Automatic routing of qualified leads
  • Campaign automation (workflows)
  • Ready-made interface to Leadz Communicator
  • Reportings: Lead, Company and Regions
  • Structured and aggregated evaluation of interest profiles of regions, companies and leads
  • Create regions for automated evaluations and lead routing
  • Automatic and individual reporting
  • Integration into existing websites (Typ03, Contao, WordPress, Yoomla…)
  • DSGVO reporting functions for each lead with complete proof of all interactions

Monthly fee

High lead count

+ 379,00 € / month
+ 0,00 € / lead

The fixed monthly fee is worthwhile for all companies that generate a high number of incoming leads and contacts.

Pay as You Use

Unknown lead number

+ 129,99 € / month
+ 0,99 € / lead

The Pay as You Use variant is suitable for all users who do not yet know how many leads will be received per month.

More effective marketing.

The Leadz Solutions Portfolio.

Discover Leadz’s smart solutions and concepts that help you better reach, identify and serve your target audience.

Leadz Communicator.

Newsletter Marketing.

Take a new approach to newsletter marketing. Combine classic newsletter marketing with the development of company-wide newsletter networks. Integrate your sales department into your newsletter marketing. Send out sender-personalised mailing campaigns with a high degree of automation. Increase the operational effectiveness of your newsletter marketing.

Leadz® Market Maker.

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