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Leadz® Customer Portal

Portal for customer care

Leadz® Customer Portal

Leadz® Customer Portal is a customizable and scalable dealer, sales and customer portal to strengthen your customer service and after sales activities. The Leadz® Customer Portal as a digital service platform ensures a noticeable relief of your sales and marketing teams, especially in daily communication, because customers can call up self-contained services. Thus, the customer portal leads to a greater systematization of processes, e.g. in the provision of information, media or in the reordering of products. Your customers get more services and you still have less work.

The adaptation artist

A major advantage is the scalability of the Leadz ® Customer Portal. Through the employee and customer-related output of information and language via rights and role assignment, the Leadz® Customer Portal is able to map any customer structure. Whether international corporation or medium-sized enterprise with a regional character – the Leadz ® Customer Portal is the adaptation artist among the customer portals.

Key features

  • Database-based data, information management and output
  • Multi-client capability with rights-based information output
  • Custom and global content integration
  • Multilingualism
  • Integration of Leadz® Sales Communicator


  • Increased customer care
  • Increased after sales
  • Increased image and quality perception
  • More effective customer and dealer support
  • Resource-saving through digital provision of media and information


Henkel Premium Partner Portal

Global dealer portal


By using the Leadz® Customer Portal, Henkel has provided its industrial partners and dealers with a high-performance portal. From retailer customization of product brochures to the placement of eLearning units or the joint dispatch of customer newsletters via the integrated Leadz® Sales Communicator – with the Leadz® Customer Portal, Henkel has been able to intensify its support while at the same time saving costs and time.

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