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Leadz® Sales Communicator

Newsletter is obsolete

The Innovation: Leadz® Sales Communicator

The Leadz® Sales Communicator is an innovative mailing system for all companies with structure sales or comparable organizational structures. The Leadz® Sales Communicator adapts completely to your sales structure. They are characterized by e.g. able to send e-mails to your customers through your centralized instance (eg marketing) with a high degree of automation via your personal customer contact or sales contact.

Higher acceptance

A major advantage is the higher acceptance of “anonymous” company newsletters. The opening and click numbers are higher, which ensures a better penetration of the information. In addition, full communication coverage of customers by the sales team can be achieved.

Key features

  • Customer-related personalization
  • Synchronization with sales structure of a company
  • Multilevel Marketing to Direct Marketing possible
  • Interfaces for CRM
  • Easy to use thanks to Drag & Drop newsletter design


  • Simplification of newsletter campaigns
  • Increase campaign success
  • Increase customer coverage through sales and customer service
  • Increased opening rates due to higher acceptance by the recipient

The Sales Communicator – an introduction


Clear dashboard and navigation structure for quick and easy operation.

Create Publishers

Create additional publishers to invite to your email campaigns. The publishers are then responsible for the final shipment to your clients. You can edit the newsletter and select the final recipient circle. This feature enables all sales, including trading partners, to be included in your campaigns.

Selection of participants

Start by selecting the circle of your company to include in the email campaign. These can be your sales partners, your sales regions or individual sales representatives or just a single central sender. The Sales Communicator can represent any (sales) hierarchy.

Set up Sales Mail

Setting up e-mail sales is child’s play. With Drag & Drop you can add photos and texts to a predefined template. Images can simply be dragged and dropped into picture boxes. In addition, you can “complete” specific content. This makes sense if the distribution mail is to be forwarded to the publisher (for example, a trading partner or a sales representative) for further processing and wants to exclude that some content has been changed.

Publisher Mode

Once an email campaign has been approved for publishing, the publisher can log in with their account.

New Campaign

He sees in his dashboard and inbox that a new campaign is waiting for him.

Your sales structure

Each publisher can create additional sales people (senders) in whose name the campaign ships. This makes sense if the publisher has e.g. is a sales manager who has multiple Account Managers, or who is the publisher marketing and wants to ship on behalf of his Field Sales Representatives.

Assignment of the mailing lists

It is also easy to assign the mailing lists. The publisher first selects the sender and assigns one or more mailing lists to him. The recipient then always receives the sales mail from the selected sender, in this case Annete Salespro and John Cormack.

Modification of the Sales Mail

Each publisher has the option to edit a sales mail when the content fields are unlocked (lock function).


When the Sales Mail is ready, the publisher can either do a test shipment, save the Sales Mail, send or schedule the shipment.

Infinite flexibility

The simplicity of the Sales Communicator lies in its flexibility. In one case, the tool is used to integrate all globally organized sales into the email campaigns. There are active sales representatives who want to actively act as publishers, passive sales representatives whose distribution is controlled centrally via marketing. In addition, the individual sales regions abroad are also included.

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