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More and more marketing agencies are using our LEADZ products to make it easier for their customers to succeed. If you too would like to help your clients get qualified leads, we look forward to welcoming you as a future partner.

Expand your


From controlling GDPR-compliant lead generation, automated lead profiling and qualification to automated email workflows and valuable business analytics: With Leadz Core, you offer your customers a powerful lead management tool for generating, profiling, and qualifying high-quality personalized leads.

Qualitative lead generation

Leadz Core is a lead management software that allows you to generate qualified leads, i.e. identify specific website users and not just companies. Lead generation is 100% GDPR compliant and allows you to store, profile, evaluate, qualify leads with a high degree of automation.

Conserving resources

Lean software­design, simple user guidance and a high degree of auto­mated processes enable effective use even in smaller marketing­teams. Leadz Core can operate completely autonomously.


Leadz Core is a good decision due to its high price-performance ratio. A high range of functions as well as simple usability meet an affordable and fair price model.

Participation model


How to partizi­pate from Leadz Core

With Leadz Core, you participate in multiple ways. You increase your expertise and have financial benefits as a result. At a glance:

Software fees

You receive 25% of the monthly software­fees when you generate a Leadz Core customer. There are two payment models for your customers:

Flat rate
Your customers can generate an unlimited number of leads and pay €379.00 per month. You get a share of 94,75 € per month.

Pay as You Use
Your customers pay a reduced fee of 129.99 € per month plus 0.99 € per lead. This gives you 32.50 € per month plus 0.25 € per lead.


If you have access to your own web developers, you can implement the system and configure it yourself and charge accordingly.

Support Services

Take over the operation of the campaign for your client, earn from the support, e.g. for creating new forms, smart buttons etc…

Campaign Services (Inbound Lead Generation)

Lead generation and lead management open up new business opportunities. From traffic generation to the placement of lead generation content on your customers’ websites, there are many ways to enhance your customers’ marketing activities with highly effective measures.

Partner Program

What do we offer you?

Leadz Certified Partnership
Leadz Partner Batch after receiving free system training for use on your website and marketing media.

Leadz training set, consisting of onboarding training, technical system training and a lead management marketing training.

First Setup Support
We accompany you during the setup of your first customer. We advise you conceptually and support you with the technical implementation.

I want to become a partner, but how?

Quite simply, we can prepare your launch in no time, it takes 3 steps.

Step 1:
Meet and greet

Of course we would like to get to know our partners. Simply fill out the registration form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 2:
How to and demo

Through a presentation, we show how LEADZ can move you and your customers forward.

Step 3:
Lift off

You are now ready to be a LEADZ partner. You can present, implement and help your customer succeed.

Strategy session with a Leadz expert.

Profit from our free consultation.

Discover the potential of Leadz Core as a central control element for your web and portal solutions during a free 30-minute consultation with a Leadz expert.


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