Lead generation with gated contents

To help medium-sized companies to generate digital leads faster and more effectively, we have collaborated with the industry to create Leadz Core, an extremely effective, economical and award-winning lead management tool.

Lead management for medium-sized companies

  • GDPR compliant registration processes
  • Effective lead generation
  • Contact storage and management
  • Automated email workflows
  • Automatic lead profiling, qualifying & routing
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Interfaces to CRM or ERP
  • Top price-performance

Leadz Core

Excellent Lead Management Software

Leadz Core is a Top100 Innovation Award-winning lead management software for generating DSGVO-compliant qualitative leads. Leadz Core has a functional landscape optimized for medium-sized companies for targeted and economical lead management. From lead generation, lead profiling and lead qualifying to campaign automation and automated lead routing, Leadz Core handles all steps of lead management with a high degree of automation and is therefore ideal for efficient marketing and sales teams.  

Using the potential of know-how <br>correctly

For our client YMC Europe, we have integrated an expertise area with Leadz Core on the new website. The extensive know-how in the field of laboratory technology available there continuously ensures high-quality leads.

Qualified leads <br> on a global level

Siegwerk Druckfarben AG is the third largest ink manufacturer worldwide and a leader in product safety. This USP was used to build a large-scale know-how campaign in combination with qualitative lead generation.

With professional manual <br> to more leads

Henkel relies on Leadz Core to generate qualitative leads. A conversion rate of 13% and a high target group share prove that the right decisions were made in terms of both concept and technology.

Success campaign in <br> mechanical engineering

As a pilot customer, HAEUSLER AG helped to align Leadz Core with the requirements of medium-sized companies. At the same time, a high-yield lead generation campaign was established that was able to generate over 200 qualified leads for sales within one year.

With the right content <br> on the road to success

DERIX is one of the leading suppliers for engineered timber construction. In 2022, we carried out a website relaunch and focused on the topic of lead generation. With resounding success. After 30 days, 231 leads were already generated.

Key Features at a Glance.

Leadz Core is your kick-start for effective lead generation and economical lead management


Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core.

One system for your entire web landscape.

With Leadz Core you control and manage your lead management campaigns of your websites in one central system. Whether website or customer portal – Leadz Core allows you an almost unlimited scalability on a national and inter­national level.

Turn your websites into lead generation campaigns

Leadz Core turns your website(s) into valuable lead generation campaigns with minimal intervention. This way, you build digital lead and contact database in no time at all, which you can use for your sales and marketing.
Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt die Lead- und Kontaktdatenbank.
Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Registrierungs- und Zugriffsprozess.

DSGVO compliant Lead Management Software made in Germany

Leadz Core controls all registration and access processes fully automatically. Leads are stored in the digital Lead CRM in a GDPR-compliant manner. And very important: With Leadz Core, you get qualitative and personalized leads and no data garbage.

Improve communication with your digital leads

Use extensive campaign automation features. Send customized, personalized, and automated emails based on user behavior, lead status, and interests. Ensure you provide your users with the information they need to make decisions.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Campaign Automation Funktionen.
Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt automatische Business Reports.

Intelligent user evaluations along your business model

Benefit from the heart of Leadz Core, the intelligent reporting and analysis. Leadz is the only provider to have a Business Analysis Unit already integrated into the system. Thus, Leadz Core learns your indivi­dual business model and shows you exactly what a user or an entire sales region is interested in. This saves you time for time-consuming data interpretations and allows you to qualify leads automatically with a high degree of accuracy.

First class
Price-performance ratio

Leadz Core is aimed at all companies looking for effective lead management software at a presentable price. Equipped with a feature set designed for SMBs and almost complete automation, Leadz Core gives you everything you need for effective lead management. This makes lead management not a strategic fundamental decision with high costs and resources, but a clear advantage in your digital marketing portfolio.

Grafik symbolisiert das gute Preis-Leistungsverhältnis der Lead Management Software Leadz Core.

Convincing lead management software.

Leadz Core convinces users worldwide, from the classic SME to the globally operating large enterprise.

“For the sales aspect of our website, Leadz Core is a no-brainer. Low cost compared to the competition, although it has everything we need: Lead generation, management, campaign automation, detailed reporting. We are really satisfied.”

Maximilian Janke • Key Account Management

„Leadz Core is used by us as a lead management and campaign automation system. Wichtig für uns ist die einfache und intuitive Bedienbarkeit des Systems, weil wir Marketing Automation so auch mit unseren begrenzten Ressourcen bedienen können. Daher ist LEADZ für uns das perfekte Einstiegstool in das Thema Lead Management mit einem starkem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. And another advantage is that we can also have the tool customized to our individual requirements.“

Vito Henning • Head of Business

“Completely automatic generation of worldwide leadz, easily retrievable at any time. The cost-benefit ratio is top.”

Mario Maier • Head of Sales and Marketing

“Leadz Core and the Ink Safety Portal have become an important strategic pillar of our communication to globally communicate Siegwerk’s outstanding know-how in the area of ink safety. In addition, the portal has generated over 2,000 leads since GoLive, which we can evaluate for sales purposes. In addition, our customers, employees and partners value the portal as a source of knowledge for their own understanding and further training.”

Dr. Evert Delbanco • Global Product Safety + Responsibility

“As a medium-sized company with two branches and over 60 employees, we were looking for a sales solution that would generate customers for us without a high investment. The expertise of the provider and the ease of use of the tool were important to us. LEADZ meets our requirements exactly without being too demanding.”

Manfred Hinnemann • Partner

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Features in detail.

Profit from numerous practical features of Leadz Core.

Lead and contact generation.

Transform your website into a lead generation machine.

Leadz Core helps you increase the lead and contact generation rates of your website. Use the powerful features of the lead management software, which were developed together with medium-sized companies along typical requirements of SME’s.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Leadz Report Kontaktgenerierung.

With Leadz Core, you can build a digital contact database in no time at all, which you can use for your sales and marketing.

The way to do this is very simple. By integrating a script on your website, your website is linked to Leadz Core. Now use Smart Buttons to ensure that website visitors identify themselves for selected content on your website(s). A central registration process and subsequent access control via login process make access as user-friendly and DSGVO-compliant as possible.

Marketing Automation. 

Lead management with a high degree of automation.

Leadz Core manages incoming leads and contacts with a high level of automation and an equally high level of individualisation per lead. This enables effective lead nurturing of your digital contacts.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Lead Nurturing und Newsletter Automation.

Lead nurturing & newsletter automation

Use extensive lead nurturing functions. Send individual, personalised and automated emails based on user behaviour, lead status and interests. Ensure that you provide your users with the information they need for your decision-making processes. Import your own html newsletter templates for your workflows. Build your own newsletter templates via drag & drop in conjunction with Leadz Communicator and access your entire newsletter setup. 

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Lead Profiling.

Lead profiling

Track the user behaviour of your leads and find out what your target persons are interested in. Leadz Core documents the user behaviour of leads, companies and entire regions and aggregates them into an evaluation adapted to your business model.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Lead Qualifying.

Lead qualifying

Create an individual scoring for your content requiring registration in order to automatically qualify incoming leads. This tells you at a glance which lead has which lead status and can be forwarded to sales, for example.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Lead Routing.

Lead routing

Ensure that qualified leads are automatically forwarded to marketing and/or sales. Leadz automatically assigns your leads to the right contacts and can be configured precisely along your sales structure.

An automated migration of your leads into your existing master data system, such as a CRM, can also be set up without any problems.


Your business – your evaluation.

Use structured, informative and aggregated business evaluations of your leads as well as entire companies and sales regions.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Lead Dashboard.

Lead dashboard

Get a quick overview of the key figures of your campaign. View how many and which new leads have been received, which content is most successful, which of your business areas are most in demand and which regions generate the most leads. With the dashboard, you always have an overview of your campaign.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Lead Management Reportings.

Lead management reportings

Leadz offers you three general reporting perspectives:

Lead reportings:

General overview and detailed evaluations per lead.

Company reportings:

Total overview as well as aggregated evaluation of all leads of a company.

Regional reportings:

General overview as well as aggregated evaluations per region.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt individuelle und automatisierte Reportings.

Individual and automated reporting

Leadz offers you numerous filter parameters for creating individual evaluations. Individual evaluations can be saved as templates and used for further work steps, e.g. for automated dispatch by e-mail to a defined group of recipients.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt Auswertungen.

Your business – your evaluations

Leadz Core produces individual evaluations based on your business model. Each step of a lead is interpreted by the system and aggregated as a report in a simple and understandable way. This allows you to find out at a glance which business areas, technologies or products a lead, company or entire region is interested in.

Easy integration.

So that it can be done quickly.

Lead management should not be a complex project that you put off because you lack time and budget. That’s why we have focused on making Leadz extremely easy to use during development. A readiness for use with effective lead generation is achieved with few resources and does not require any time-intensive occupation with the system.

Grafik mit Screenshots zeigt Verknüpfung zwischen Lead Management Software und Webseiteninfrastruktur.

Script and go

Establish a link between Leadz Core and your website infrastructure in no time at all. All you need to do is integrate a Leadz script into your website(s) and create a Leadz Core account.

Grafik mit Screenshots zeigt die Migration der Kontakte von der Lead Management Software an Ihr CRM.

Data migration

Interfaces can be set up to migrate contacts to your CRM or comparable master data system. Conversely, master data can be migrated to Leadz Core and used there.

GDPR compliance.

Data security made in Germany.

The GDPR is also seen in the industry as an antagonist to effective lead management. We see it differently. Benefit from our well thought-out DSGVO-compliant lead registration, storage and processing processes.

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt DSGVO konforme Registrierungen.


Leadz Core breaks new ground in lead generation and turns your website visitors into “members”. Leads are stored in the system via a central DOI registration process in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (GDPR). Access to content requiring registration is guaranteed via a login. Each user thus receives a kind of “account” on your website, similar to that of an online shop. In this way, all basic requirements are met so that your users are only stored and processed with documented consent. You can also use the DSGVO reporting functions, which provide you with a DSGVO documentation for each saved lead at the touch of a button.

The advantages.

You profit from this.

Quick setup and immediately effective

GDPR compliant with documentation

High degree of automation, from lead generation to routing

Automated newsletter workflows

Insightful business, lead, company and regional evaluations

Simple integration and interface capability

Creation of a digital contact database for use in marketing and sales

Extensibility with Leadz Communicator for powerful newsletter marketing

Screenshot der Lead Management Software Leadz Core zeigt intelligente Reportings- und Auswertungen.

Big Data Automated Business Reports

Profit from the heart of Leadz Core, the intelligent reporting and analysis. As the only provider, Leadz has a Business Analysis Unit already integrated into the system. So Leadz Core learns your individual business model and shows you exactly what a user or an entire sales region is interested in. This saves you time for time-consuming data interpretations and allows you to qualify leads automatically with high target accuracy.

Lead Management Software.

Quantitative lead generation versus qualitative lead generation.

Qualitative Lead Generation

Leadz Core is a lead management software that allows you to generate qualified leads. Each lead is a website visitor who was willing to register for content on your website. Registration is 100% DSGVO compliant, so you can store and profile the user and use the obtained data for marketing purposes. By registering, the user already passes the first hurdle and shows a serious interest through his motivated behavior. In this way, the wheat is separated from the chaff even before data collection.

Quantitative lead Generation

In contrast to qualitative lead generation, most software providers offer lead management tools that show you which companies have visited your website. Each company is saved as a “lead”. In addition to the company, it usually shows which web pages were visited and how long a user stayed on individual pages. In addition to this, some tools also provide details of people who work at these companies.

However, these lead generation tools do not tell you which person visited your website. This makes sales follow-up more difficult, especially for larger companies with many employees. In addition, the leads generated are not 100% accurate. There are regular misidentifications. But the bottom line is that these tools are a useful addition to qualitative lead generation.

  • Qualitative Lead Generation 90% 90%
  • Quantitative lead Generation 60% 60%

Why is Leadz Core different than other lead management tools?

As a lead management provider, we first relied on common lead management tools that were established in the market. We worked with almost all common industry solutions. In the process, we discovered that all lead management applications have their own strengths but also significant weaknesses, which ultimately motivated us to develop our own solution with which we can optimally and with the highest efficiency implement the type of lead generation campaigns that have historically proven to be particularly successful.

We’ll show you what makes Leadz Core better than other solutions:

What does lead management software cost

Quite decisively: What is the point of lead management for a medium-sized B2B or B2C company if the monthly costs including agency services start at 2000 euros per month? It is not uncommon for prices to range between 3000-5000 euros. You get powerful tools for this price (although you have to look closely here as well), but the range of functions usually exceeds what you really need and what you can actually achieve. Our experience has shown that in most cases just 20% of the functions of larger solutions are used. However, 100% is always paid for, which means that in most cases you can save 80% of the costs. Conclusion: Many of our projects have failed due to the high software fees and in most cases the existing solutions were completely oversized for the classic B2B company. The topic of lead management and lead generation was always welcomed, but the prices prevented realization. In addition, the fear of high onboarding efforts as well as a time-consuming operation.
This is why we have developed Leadz Core, a lead management software that allows you to absolutely powerful lead management and campaign automation at a presentable price and can also be used for smaller marketing teams.


There are two topics in the area of usability that we decide to make better. The first is usability for our customers. Instead of complex interfaces, we offer an easy-to-use user interface. We also focus on automation. Once set up, Leadz Core works autonomously. Like a busy digital butler. The second usability advantage is for the users of your websites. With centralized registration, each user only has to fill out a registration form once. Once he has completed the registration, he can unlock all completed content on your website via a login request. This process is in stark contrast to many tools that force users to fill out a new form for each piece of lead management content (such as a download).

Lead Management Software.

Quick implementation.

Leadz Core gives you a lot and asks for little. The system is ready to use in just a few steps and you can get started with effective lead management. But you also have the option of further increasing your lead management potential. Leadz Core also offers the possibility of a step-by-step expansion in order to exploit the potential of your lead management as much as possible.

Screenshot einer Webseite mit Registrierungsbeispiel mit integrierter Lead Management Software.

Quick entry.

Use your downloads & Co.

Leadz Core is perfect for a quick and easy start to lead generation. All you need is a website and content that you can link to a registration. In most cases, your own downloads are suitable for this. A central download area can thus become a lead and contact goldmine.

Grafik zur Darstellung der erweiterten Lead-Management-Infrastruktur mit einer Lead Management Software.

Expansion possibilities.

Use your expanded potentials.

With Leadz Core and smart concepts, you have the opportunity to gradually expand your lead management infrastructure and thus tap into all the lead potential of your website infrastructure.

Lead generation – we show you your options
Give us a call. We will evaluate together in an initial strategy meeting which lead generation opportunities are available to you.


For the middle class.

Leadz Core was developed by the marketing consultancy TRD for and with SMEs to offer maximum lead management functionality with a minimum of staff and resources. This makes effective lead management possible even for SMEs working with limited marketing teams and resources. This initial situation was and is a central component in the (further) development of Leadz Core.

TRD was awarded Top 100 Innovator with Leadz 2020.
Leadz Core is the core component of an application and service toolset for online marketing with a focus on sales.

Screenshot einer Webseite als Beispiel für effizientes Lead Management mit einer Lead Management Software.

Lead management examples.

Successful deployment in the kme sector.

We show you with selected examples how well Leadz Core works for our customers.

Screenshot einer Webseite als Beispiel für effizientes Lead Management mit einer Lead Management Software.

Lead generation.

How lead generation works

Lead generation is an increasingly important customer acquisition tool for companies, especially due to the digital transformation and the associated change in research and purchasing behaviour, which is increasingly shifting to digital marketing channels.

Lead Potential Calculator.

Calculate your turnover potential in 3 steps.

What is Lead Management?

Lead management refers to the measures taken by a company to generate and process leads. This process usually takes place via digital channels with the aim of acquiring new prospects and customers. Due to changing consumer behaviour, both in the B2C and in the B2B environment, digital lead management is steadily gaining in importance and should now be a standard tool for every company.

What is a lead?

Translated, lead means “trace”. This term is appropriate because lead management is about recording traces of existing customers and potential new customers. For example, customers leave traces on the website by picking up information. There are essential differences to standard analysis tools, which also track and evaluate user behaviour, but are not able to assign a company or a specific person to the user.

litative leads (people). You can find out more about both terms under the following link: Quantitative vs. qualitative Lead Generierung

How does lead management work?

From the initial capture to the conclusion of the purchase, a lead goes through several stages. The stages differ depending on the scenario. New customers, for example, are anonymous prospects at the beginning of the process who must be converted into personalised contacts. With existing customers, on the other hand, lead management only begins with the recording of user behaviour with the aim of evaluating the user behaviour in such a way that it leads to a renewed purchase. Accordingly, the lead management process for new and existing customers already differs in the first step.

What are the stages in the lead management process?

During the lead management process, a lead can go through the following stages:

Interested party
A user is browsing on a website and informs himself about a product. He has the status of an interested party. The aim is to identify the interested party and thus turn him into a contact.

A user navigates a website and registers to receive information. His contact details are stored in the lead management system. This step is the conversion. The more users can be converted into contacts, the higher the conversion.

Prospect (Candidate)
Prospects is already a finer classification and refers to all non-customers who are stored in the lead management system and have shown a basic interest in products and services.

If a registered user shows a clearly increased interest in products, services or content, he is classified as a lead. A contact is classified as a lead on the basis of individually defined scoring parameters or, for example, on the basis of specific click events, e.g. the download of a brochure and the subsequent “registration” of the user in a lead list specially created for the event.

Marketing Qualified Lead
A marketing qualified lead is a lead that has automatically reached a qualification level so that it can be transferred to marketing, for example. The parameters that make a lead a marketing qualified lead are defined individually and can be, for example, demographic factors or a certain user behaviour from a website.

Sales Qualified Lead
Sales Qualified Lead is the term used for all leads that are handed over from Marketing to Sales. Sales has the task of addressing these leads. Ideally, Sales Qualified Leads are transferred from the lead management system directly to a CRM or via automated reporting.

Step-by-step through the Lead Cycle

The Lead Cycle describes the different steps of the lead management process, from lead nurturing to lead routing. Learn more details about the individual steps of a successful lead management and their contents, such as lead generation.

A typical lead cycle

Grafik mit Lead-Managment-Cycle zur Darstellung der Prozesse einer Lead Management Software.

Individual design of the lead cycle

The structure of the lead cycle is generally standardised, but in practice it varies according to specific requirements. Since every company pursues different lead management goals, the lead cycle is designed individually.

Lead Nurturing

In lead nurtur­ing, all steps are taken to reach potential customers (interested parties) at the right time with suitable content. It is important to provide relevant information that matches the current state of the prospect’s buying decision. By providing suitable information, the aim is to lead the interested party step by step to the purchase decision.

Lead generation

Lead generation refers to the measures required to generate or reactivate digital contacts. Basically, there are two goals for lead generation: acquiring new customers or expanding business with existing customers.

Lead Profiling

As soon as a user leaves his or her data on a website, lead profiling begins. Lead management software such as Leadz® Core then creates a user profile of the new prospect. The user profile is supplemented by the tracking of user behaviour and expanded into a comprehensive prospect profile from which the interest of each individual lead can be derived.

Lead Routing

Leads that have been classified as qualified in the lead management process can be handed over to sales together with the corresponding lead profile. This process is called lead routing. The method by which the leads are handed over in the lead routing process depends on the company’s individual sales and marketing strategy.

Lead Follow-Up

Lead follow-up refers to all the actions a company takes to follow up with identified leads. The goal is to activate these leads and persuade them to make a purchase. Follow-up should not only be applied to sales qualified leads, but already in the first phase of the lead cycle.

Reporting and evaluations

By defining and using individual reporting parameters for each campaign and department, marketing and sales department reporting can help evaluate the success and performance of a campaign in an effective and data-driven way.


Innovative pricing system for your application.

Leadz Core offers you an innovative and fair cost structure that allows you to keep your monthly lead management software fees low. This gives you the opportunity to invest more in your campaigns, i.e. in effective lead generation. You always have the option to switch between the possible tariffs, so you are not tied to one tariff in the long term.


This is what you get.

  • 5 instances per account
  • Full range of functions Leadz Core
  • Up to 3000 newsletters for campaign automation included



  • GDPR compliant lead management
  • DOI registration processes
  • Password protected access to Lead Mgmt. Contents
  • Smart button controlled access to website content
  • Automatic profiling of leads
  • Automatic qualification of leads
  • Automatic routing of qualified leads
  • Campaign automation (workflows)
  • Ready-made interface to Leadz Communicator
  • Reportings: Lead, Company and Regions
  • Structured and aggregated evaluation of interest profiles of regions, companies and leads
  • Create regions for automated evaluations and lead routing
  • Automatic and individual reporting
  • Integration into existing websites (Typ03, Contao, WordPress, Yoomla…)
  • DSGVO reporting functions for each lead with complete proof of all interactions

Monthly fee

High lead count

+ 379.00 € / Month
+ 0.00 € / Lead

The fixed monthly fee is worthwhile for all companies that generate a high number of incoming leads and contacts.

Pay as You Use

Unknown lead number

+ 129.99 € / Month
+ 0.99 € / Lead

The Pay as You Use variant is suitable for all users who do not yet know how many leads will be received per month.

More effective marketing.

The Leadz Solutions Portfolio.

Discover Leadz’s smart solutions and concepts that help you better reach, identify and serve your target audience.

Leadz Communicator.

Newsletter Marketing.

Take a new approach to newsletter marketing. Combine classic newsletter marketing with the development of company-wide newsletter networks. Integrate your sales department into your newsletter marketing. Send out sender-personalised mailing campaigns with a high degree of automation. Increase the operational effectiveness of your newsletter marketing.

Leadz® Market Maker.

The ultimate content marketing tool.

What content is relevant for the target group? Which topics are working best on the web right now? How does your ranking compare to competitors? The Leadz® Market Maker is the ultimate content marketing tool to systematically and sustainably improve your own relevance.

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