Praidict® Market Maker.

Effective digital market analysis.

Praidict® Market Maker

Know today what your target group wants tomorrow. The Praidict® Market Makeris a fully automated market analysis software as a service. The Praidict® Market Maker analyses everything about your target groups and their needs as well as the competition of a target market in just a few hours. A sophisticated artificial intelligence forecasts future demand and shows the demand potential of topics, products and brands up to 24 months into the future.

Know today what your target group wants tomorrow.

Gain valuable facts for your strategic and operational decisions.

Digital market analysis.

This way you always have your markets in view.

What content should you actually send out? Which topics on the net are most effective at the moment? What are the needs of your customers? Which communication channels are relevant for your topics? Which topics are most in demand at which time of year? How are your competitors positioned? What is your own ranking? What is the quality of your online texts? With the Leadz Market Maker you get a results-oriented content and online marketing tool with which you can systematically and reliably improve your own position on the Internet – now and in the future.

Automated processes.

6 steps to understanding the market.

Thanks to the high degree of automation and the use of artificial intelligence, working with the Praidict® Market Maker is as easy as can be. You as a client are only involved in the analysis at a very late stage – if you wish. Otherwise, we are happy to take over the operational implementation for you, e.g. writing new content or placing online marketing advertisements.

Process-based strategy development.


Effective Marketing.

The Leadz solution portfolio.

Discover Leadz’s smart solutions and concepts to better reach, identify and serve your target audience.

Leadz Core.

Lead Management Software.

With Leadz Core you can experience how easy and effective lead management can be. Fast onboarding, high data quality, customisation to your business model and lots of marketing automation with low resource usage make Leadz Core a valuable marketing assistant.

Leadz Communicator.

Newsletter Marketing.

Take a new approach to newsletter marketing. Combine classic newsletter marketing with the development of company-wide newsletter networks. Integrate your sales department into your newsletter marketing. Send sender-personalised mailing campaigns with a high degree of automation. Increase the operational effectiveness of your newsletter marketing.

Leadz Content Marketing Portal.

Content Marketing & Data Management.

Organise and use your digital assets for effective content marketing. Produce new content along measurable market needs. Increase your digital visibility and lead conversion rate and position yourself as an expertise leader in your market.

Strategy session with a Leadz expert.

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Discover the potential of Leadz Core as a central control element for your web and portal solutions during a free 30-minute consultation with a Leadz expert.


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