Making the right use of know-how potential

For our client YMC Europe, we have integrated an expertise area with Leadz Core on the new website. The extensive know-how available there in the field of laboratory technology continuously ensures high-quality leads.


Qualified leads
on a global level

Siegwerk Druckfarben AG is the third largest printing ink manufacturer in the world and a leader in product safety. This USP was used to build a large-scale know-how campaign in combination with qualitative lead generation.


With professional manual to
more leads

Henkel relies on Leadz Core to generate qualitative leads. A conversion rate of 13% and a high target group share prove that the right decisions were made in terms of both concept and technology.


Success campaign in
mechanical engineering

As a pilot customer, HAEUSLER AG helped to align Leadz Core with the requirements of medium-sized companies. At the same time, a high-yield lead generation campaign was established that was able to generate over 200 qualified leads for sales within one year.


With the right content
on the road to success

DERIX is one of the leading suppliers for engineered timber construction. In 2022, we carried out a website relaunch and focused on the topic of lead generation. With resounding success. After 30 days, 231 leads were already generated.


Digital Sales Marketing

New, innovative, excellent – a groundbreaking offer for effective digital sales marketing – from lead generation to after sales.  

Leadz Marketing. Digital solutions for sales and marketing.

Digitalisation requires enormous adjustments to companies. The number of advertising channels is increasing immeasurably. Added to this is the current discontinuation of tried and tested marketing activities such as trade fairs and conferences. This rapid change requires agility and the ability to adapt quickly. It can quickly happen that previously unknown competitors are better off than you in the digital marketplace. That’s why we help you realign your marketing and digital infrastructure to be at the forefront of the digital marketplace.

Leadz solutions and strategies.

Slim, strong and effective.

Strengthen your digital marketing and sales at all levels with Leadz solutions. From high-yield lead management to perfect sales presentations to activating customer marketing – with Leadz solutions you can increase the performance of your sales marketing activities.

Leadz Core.

Lead Management Software.

With Leadz Core you can experience how simple and effective lead management can be. Fast onboarding, high data quality, customisation to your business model and a lot of marketing automation with little use of resources make Leadz Core a valuable marketing assistant.

Leadz Campaigns.

Generate leads, build big data.

Continuous lead management needs ideas. We provide you with strategies, concepts and the appropriate methodologies, tailored to your individual business model. If you wish, we can also take care of the implementation.

Leadz Communicator.

Sales Newsletter Marketing.

Take a new approach to newsletter marketing. Combine classic newsletter marketing with the development of company-wide newsletter networks. Integrate your sales department into your newsletter marketing. Send out sender-personalised mailing campaigns with a high degree of automation. Increase the operational effectiveness of your newsletter marketing.

Content Marketing Solutions.

Content Marketing & Management.

Organise and use your digital assets for effective content marketing. Produce new content along measurable market needs. Increase your digital visibility and lead conversion rate and position yourself as the know-how leader in your market.

Leadz Core All-In-One.

The central control and analysis solution for your entire digital offering.

Leadz Core differs significantly from common lead management applications. Whether lead management campaign, customer portal or newsletter registration. With Leadz Core, you get a tool with which you can centrally control all your registration-required offers. Use Leadz Core as a central place for the storage, evaluation, qualification and dialogue activation of your lead and customer contacts.

Innovation Award.

Top 100 Innovator in Germany.

Leadz was named one of Germany’s Top 100 Innovators in 2020. What makes it special: Both the methodologies and the software applications of Leadz were developed together with customers along best practices.


Digital Strategy.

Analyse, recognise, do.

We accompany you on the path of digital transformation and help you to realistically use the possibilities of digitalisation for your marketing and sales. Because digital transformation means above all knowing your own content requirements for digitalisation processes and finding target-oriented solutions for them.

Customer and distributor portals.

Customer Service Digitalisation.

By providing portal solutions for your customers and merchants, you reduce manual processes, increase the quality of your service and invest in long-term customer loyalty.


For the decisive moment.

Whether online or in an on-site meeting: the classic company and sales presentation remains an important part of sales talks. We help you make a first-class impression on your customers and prospects with innovative, intuitive and interactive presentations.

Brand Communication.

Use the assertiveness of high-quality communication.

As an experienced branding agency, we are used to casting complex topics in an individual and concise form. In this way, we help to ensure that your brand is perceived in all its quality and strength. Because we are convinced – selling starts with good communication.

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