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Newsletter for B2B companies.

Due to its multi-level architecture, Leadz® Communicator offers B2B companies numerous usage scenarios and thus opportunities to optimize lead and customer communication through the use of newsletter mailings.

Leadz Communicator
Newsletter for B2B companies.

For B2B companies, newsletter marketing continues to be an important and very economical marketing tool to activate leads and customers for your topics. Thanks to an innovative and unique system architecture, Leadz Communicator offers B2B companies the possibility of a highly automated and individualised newsletter communication, adapted to your company structure. Learn in a few minutes why Leadz Communicator can be a perfect newsletter tool for B2B companies.


Features & Functions.

Take your newsletter marketing to the next level.


Send standard mailings or versioned and sender-personalised mailings to your customers. Build up a mailing network in your company and work together on mailing campaigns. Increase the individualisation and acceptance of your mailings.


Whether event invitations, training courses, trade fair announcements or updates on company development internal mailings make sense in many cases. In Leadz® Communicator, all internal departments or personas can therefore be integrated, ensuring more effective internal communication.


Map your individual sales structure in Leadz Communicator. In this way, integrate your sales department into your mailing campaigns and enable mailing communication that is individually tailored to the customer. Increase customer proximity and also increase the acceptance of your mailings.

Branches and business areas

Network with business units and national and international branches of your company. Establish professional and personalised communication with your customers.

Customer Service & Support

Professionalise your company's service and support communication. Enable your service & support staff to participate or develop a mailing campaign to keep your customers informed.

Trade and distribution partner

Network with your trade and distribution partners. Work together on collaborative mailing campaigns. Enable your distribution partners to send independent mailing campaigns. Increase the reach of your campaigns.

Possible applications in the B2B sector.


In addition to the standard newsletter dispatch, Leadz Communicator offers numerous options for individualisation and personalisation. This enables you to establish a customised communication to your recipients with a high degree of automation. Your mailings are no longer seen as newsletters, but as a personal communication by employees of your company and thus achieve a higher acceptance.

With Leadz Core, you can build a digital contact database in no time at all, which you can use for your sales and marketing.

Leadz® Communicator allows you to set up, manage and send one-dimensional “standard” newsletter campaigns. In addition, you can automatically version newsletters and send them to customers on behalf of departments or personal senders. Leadz® Communicator also offers you the possibility of preparing newsletter campaigns and passing them on to participants in your company network for further processing and dispatch. External partners, such as sales partners and distributors, can also be invited to your newsletter campaigns.

Personalisation of sales communication.

In Leadz® Communicator you have the possibility to map the entire sales structure of your company. This is a function that is otherwise only offered by powerful CRM tools. You can send newsletters with a high degree of automation on behalf of the sales staff and thereby significantly strengthen the sales communication of your company (role dispatch). Furthermore, you have the possibility to let your sales department participate in your newsletter campaigns. You can determine whether only the sales management or the entire sales force has access to your campaigns. In addition, your sales department is able to set up and send its own mailing campaigns.

Optimisation of internal communication

In every company there are numerous departments or groups of people who work on important internal issues. With Leadz® Communicator, you can therefore set up an internal mailing setup tailored to your company. The functions available to you are versatile: take control of all internal mailings. Use the sender personalisation and send internal mailings on behalf of departments or persons (role dispatch). Integrate departments and persons of your company into your mailing network. Work together on internal mailing campaigns. Prepare campaigns and have them processed and sent by departments. Enable your departments to set up and send internal mailings independently.

Strengthening operational marketing communication

Integration and collaboration: Let your business units, departments or branches participate in newsletter marketing and directly contribute to your newsletter campaigns. Invite different business units, departments or international branches to participate in your newsletter campaigns. They can then edit your newsletters, enrich them with their own content and send them to your customers. Also offer business units or branches the possibility to create and personalise their own newsletter campaigns. Each business unit, department and branch can build their own collaborative networks and personalise newsletters down to contact-customer level.

Upgrading customer service

Regular customer service communication noticeably increases the quality of service perceived by the customer and also enables you to cross-sell and upsell effectively. Therefore, Leadz Communicator offers you various options on how to include your customer service in your mailing communication: Take over service communication and send service mailings on behalf of your customer service (role mailing). Prepare mailings and have them processed and sent by your customer service. Let your customer service team create and send their own mailings.

Activation of distribution marketing

Integrate your distribution partners into your newsletter network. Activate and use your distribution network for your digital marketing activities and increase your reach. Use the collaboration option and invite your external partners to your newsletter campaigns. Each partner receives a version of your mailing, which they can edit and send to their customers. Your partner’s logo and sender data are automatically adapted. With Leadz Communicator, your external partners can also create their own mailing campaigns and send them to their customers. Each integrated partner can create several sender personas and mailing lists and thus send mailings in a versioned and personalised way.

Lead management and campaign automation.

Would you like to automate your newsletter marketing? In conjunction with the Leadz Core lead management software, Leadz® Communicator offers you extensive lead management and campaign automation functions. This gives you a powerful marketing platform with which you can control your entire lead management processes automatically.



You profit from this.

Create clever mailing networks and let the entire company participate in newsletter marketing.

Include departments, branches and partners in your newsletter campaigns.

Store your sales structure and send mailings automatically at employee-customer level.

Create different sender personas and send mailings in their name.

Build mailings on your own with a drag & drop editor.

Easy setup and interfacing capability.

Automated newsletter workflows in conjunction with Leadz Core.

Measure performance for each individual campaign.



Get to know the numerous application possibilities.

Leadz Communicator is unique and extremely versatile due to its multi-level architecture. Therefore, the application is predestined for use in different industries, each with their own needs, and enables completely new types of newsletter setups.


Flexible and versatile.

Use the wealth of functions for your newsletter marketing. From multi-level set-up to personalisation options and campaign automation, Leadz Communicator offers you a comprehensive package of functions to activate your operational lead and customer marketing.


Innovative pricing system for your application.

Leadz Communicator offers you an innovative and fair cost structure that allows you to keep your monthly lead management software fees low. This gives you the opportunity to invest more in your campaigns, i.e. in effective lead generation. You always have the option to switch between the possible tariffs, so you are not tied to one tariff in the long term.


This is what you get.

  • Unlimited newlsetter campaigns per month
  • 5 instances per account
  • Full range of functions Leadz Communicator
  • 5000 newsletters per month



  • DSGVO compliant multi-level newsletter system
  • Flexible network architecture with campaign collaboration
  • Drag & drop newsletter creator
  • Instance manager
  • Role function
  • Automatic sender personalisation
  • Automatic branding
  • Mailing list management
  • Mailing list import
  • Auto-Unsubscribe
  • Statistics
  • Mailing library
  • External partner integration
  • DOI registration processes in connection with Leadz Core
  • More…

Mailing Marketing

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